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Catherine Wales comes from a heritage of explorers. And she too has toured and investigated the globe, leaving her home in England and roaming the continents of Europe, Africa, and now the Americas. Her approach to design is not dissimilar, exploring and collecting.

From the Danes, she learned the science and math behind draping and pattern drawing. A Swede trained her eye for intricate quality control and business relationships. The French imbued a great appreciation for aesthetic proportioning and cloth molding. And the Americans taught her streamlining mass production, corporate structures, and production negotiations.

Now, her work merges the best from each of these worlds, all the lessons she’s learned.

Her work with brands including The Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Yves Saint Laurent is balanced by her personal endeavors: the conception message of Project DNA spurred conversation on fashion’s role being a true reflection on society’s innovations and advancements.

And now, Wales is full-heartedly embracing the challenges of today with science and aesthetic through Atelier Volant.

This new chapter continues her lifelong journey: building positive fashion experiences for everyone, wherever you may be, and whomever you may be.



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