Motorcycle Desert Boot

Motorcycle Desert Boot


High Top navy, unisex, Desert Dress Boot for all occasions. We’ve carefully wrapped it all into one and sweetened the deal with a leather sole and heel. You deserve it! We’ll also arrange to have rubber soles added for anti slip, if you buy them online and specifically ask. You’ll still have the elevated leather appearance on the side and arch with the benefits of better breathability.

We know you’ll love ‘em!

Delivery available for mid October


All our shoes are made of high grade leather with toe, ankle and heel protection. And that gear changer on the left foot only. We’re loving the asymmetric signature look for both on and off the road.

Outershell: Cow leather

Innershell: Pig skin lining with AV sky blue signature color

Ankle, Heel & toe protection: 80% TPU / 20% Polycarbonate