Classic Brown Riding Boots

Classic Brown Riding Boots


A shoe for a foot that needs more room. One of our comfortable classics that can be worn with jeans or suit pants and although we focus our style on unisex, these are a favorite with the dudes. They’re casual, but not. Wear them when you dress up or dress down.

Delivery available for mid October


All our shoes are made of high grade leather with toe, ankle and heel protection. And that gear changer on the left foot only. We’re loving the asymmetric signature look for both on and off the road.

Outershell: Cow leather

Innershell: Pig skin lining

Heel & toe protection:

Ankle protection: Another signature part except this technology is hidden. We’ve worked with some crazy scientists to develop a Gell that is malleable, soft and still passes the strictest of tests for impact and abrasion. We know our ankles deserve the love and respect.